• Clarissa

Clarissa is a beautiful newborn halter style jumper, has adorable chiffon ruffles and skirt, comes with matching headband Made from pre washed materials


FELTED LAYERS/NATURALLY FELTED LAYERS * Beautiful hand-felted organic layer some with solid backing - and some naturally felted,( loosely felted)may alos have some smaller holes or loose spots, All fleece purchased are from the sheep's annual haircut and no animals were harmed!, I do not purchase the sheep pelts where animals are harmed i do not support that!

RABBIT PELTS: Rabbit pelts are imported from a small village where the rabbit is a main source of meat for the villagers, the pelts are sold to help support the village,

* * some yellowing (natural wool coloring) may show through, * due to the environment and free range nature of the sheep, the wool may have fine dirt specks or bits of natural vegetation - every effort is taken to reduce this as much as possible.
But some of the fleece is just so thick and long it is impossible to get all, These Gorgeous fleece have been washed several times,
PLEASE NOTE: these are for photographic purposes only and are not designed to be used alone with a baby or as bedding.

SHIPPING CHARGES Shipping quoted is just an estimate if there are any overage, a refund will be issued, if additional charges are required a invoice for the balance will be sent,

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - * CUSTOMS: * Please be aware that packages may be stopped upon entry to your country causing delays which are out of my control. DUTY/TAX: * All import duties and tax are the responsibility of the buyer * please check the import limits in your country. * packages will be marked as "photo props"

CARE & WASHING INSTRUCTIONS WOOL LAYERS and knit layers * HAND wash in warm water with wool detergent *Lay flat to dry Do not rub or pick up while wet. * Gently rinse your layer, squeezing out excess water (do not wring) * lay flat on a towel to dry * layers may be spot cleaned with diluted vinegar and water * if soiled with #2's, soak immediately in water DO NOT pull on the curls or they will come out. It is normal for your layers to lose a few curls inititally and over it's life

Do to the natural of these items all sales are final